Aortic Isthmus Symposium Online




This course is a recording of the live event containing 21 videos.

The event was led by Mr Stephen Large, Consultant Surgeon, Royal Papworth Hospital and Mr Ravi De Silva, Consultant Surgeon, Royal Papworth Hospital and supported by a host of eminent specialists in the cardiac and vascular field.

Come and revisit this group of world-renowned Cardiac and Vascular Surgeons at what was an amazing event.


  • To tease out the best treatments for the whole of the aorta in the emergency and elective setting

Sessions throughout this course:

  • Are we within the guidelines for thoracic aortic intervention?
  • Sharpening the knife
  • Organ Protection for aortic procedures
  • Delphi – What We Do
  • Lesson from ETTAA: Overview
  • The Cost of it All
  • Size Does Matter
  • A Vascular Take
  • The Other Side of the Sheets – What it’s like being the patient
  • Something new from Aortic Medicine
  • High Risk Cardiac Surgery and TUTE
  • The Genetics of Aortic Disease
  • NTA/NIHR The Future Observational Studies at HTA
  • Round Table: Guidelines Upset
  • Mr Edmund Charles, Vascular Surgery Registrar, Imperial College London
  • Ms Anna Louise Pouncey, NIHR Doctoral Fellow, Imperial College London
  • Award – best presentation from Sharpening the Knives section